Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Framing Has Started...

The framing has started on the first floor and will need to be mostly finished before the second floor SIPs can be installed. Here are the "green" things that the framers are responsible for:

1. WASTE: reduce waste generation to a level below the industry norm, i.e., reduce construction waste to 2.5 lbs/sf of conditioned floor space (not including waste diverted for reclamation or recycling) = a maximum of 10,000 lbs of waste for the entire project going to the landfill.
a.No wood or wood products go in the dumpster – goes into the mulch pile
b.Nails, plastic wrap, caulking tubes, and things of this nature go in the dumpster
2. Reduce overall waste factor (of framing wood) to <> 19.2” oc where possible
3. Use low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) for caulking or sealants used in the framing process.

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joelmckellar said...

One waste management tip... SC DHEC's Center for Waste minimization maintains an "Index of Waste Minimization Resources for SC Industries". This is basically a large sourcebook for companies that will take or sometimes pay for waste of all types! They have a section dedicated to construction and demolition waste as well.

They publish a book you can get for free (call 803.896.8986) or you can search the directory online here.

I know we've found this helpful on commercial LEED projects in the past.