Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Question and answer

Ray Cohen wrote:

Hello, Mike and Maggie. I was just reviewing your Green Home Blog. I know you are happy to be able to actually see progress being made. I was wondering if you might know what the R value is in the SIP wall panels containing the foam insulation and also what the actual thickness would be. Just curious. I hope you guys are doing well. Goooo Cocks!


Here is the answer from our architect:

The SIP panels have a true r-value of 17 + siding and interior finish which adds maybe 2. Whereas fiberglass insulation has an r-value of 13 for the same thickness wall however the overall performance of a conventional wall has an air loss factor and thermal bridging due to studs every 16” on center. The result is that the r value of a 4 ½” SIP wall acts like an 8” stud wall.”

The SIP walls are 4 1/2" thick and the roof SIP's are 10 1/2".


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Jennifer Bourguignon said...

yfpjmMike and Maggie,
The current pictures are looking good. I especially like the picture of recyclabes next to the Dumpster.