Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Meeting with Bob and the Builder

A few days ago we had our first on-site meeting with Bob, the architect and Jay, the builder.

We went over everything that has been done so far and decided on a few minor changes.

We decided to make the pantry a little smaller, which increases the size of the guest bedroom (Dad will like that).
And an arched hallway will be added from the foyer to the guest bathroom. Jennifer, Bob's wife and office manager, suggested swapping where the master shower and one of the vanities were located which would give us the larger open-style shower we wanted and so we approved that change.

We also determined that the upstairs hallway needed to have one of the ceiling beams restructured.

Later we also decided that we needed to swap some of the exterior doors upstairs.

All the changes were minor and will not slow construction. Here are some pictures we took after the meeting.

You can see the progress continues to move right along. The framing should be done by the end of next week and then roofing, siding, and windows go in.

Stay tuned...

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