Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Rooftop Terrace is now sealed!

After negotiating with roofers for a month, we finally found AquaSeal to lay the TPO membrane and seal our rooftop terrace.

TPO is Thermoplastic Poly Olefin sheet roofing using state-of-the-art polymer manufacturing technology. This technology enables the production of TPO membranes that are flexible at low temperatures without the use of polymeric or liquid plasticizers.

Unlike some other popular thermoplastic roofing membranes, the TPO polymer does not contain chlorine and no chlorine-containing ingredients are added during sheet production. This lack of chlorine allows the TPO membrane to be regarded as an environmentally safe, “green” product.

The TPO resin is compounded with other components including a weathering package, fire retardants and pigments for color to create a product that can withstand the elements associated with rooftop exposure.

On top of the TPO will be recycled rubber squares. But before they go on, the metal roof will be put up next on the rest of the house.

We can't wait for that!

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