Thursday, February 26, 2009

Garage Doors, Pillars, and Solar Pipes

The garage doors were installed recently and we were pleasantly surprised to see that their color matched the house color scheme nicely and so we will not have to paint them.

The pillars in the front of the house were finally out into place. They will be covered with stone along with the entranceway around the front door. Posts will run from the top of the pillars to the porch covering.

A minor setback occurred when we realized the solar water heater pipes had not been insulated before the sheetrock went up. So we cut out the sheetrock where we needed to and the plumber came in and insulated the pipes with closed cell tubular insulation. The pipes need to be insulated or significant heat loss will occur as the water travels back and forth from the tank to the solar collectors on the roof. Over the next several days, sections of copper piping will be added and the tanks and panels installed. Look for those pictures soon!

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