Tuesday, March 17, 2009

There's a Cricket on our House!

We learned recently what a "cricket on your house" means. It's that little wedge-shaped thing that backs up to your chimney on your roof and it's purpose is to funnel the water away from the chimney.

Cement fiberboard trim is being installed around the garage doors.

The trim is being installed around the windows.

The builder and the siding man discuss how to finish over the front porch. The next picture shows what they decided to do. Build a triangular box and lower the porch ceiling. It will be covered by stonework.

Speaking of stone, they have started prepping the fireplaces. The stone should go up this week.

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joynerbobs said...

Hey Guys!
Just checking to see how things have changed since you showed us everything. We went to the homeshow at the fair grounds and I was more aware of the "green-ness" of the products we looked at, so you are helping to influence others! It shouldn't be too much longer until you can move on in. We look forward to seeing it then.