Monday, November 16, 2009

Sometimes going green means going black!

Thanks Richland County for sponsoring the recent compost bin sale. And thanks architect Bob Bourguignon for picking it up for us.

Richland County recently sponsored a compost bin sale at the Sam's Club on Harbison Blvd. and our architect was kind enough to pick it up for us on his way in to see us. (That, of course, saved us from having to burn fuel and greenhouse gases during a 30-minute drive.)

Composting is a great way to keep garbage food out of the landfill and turn it into fertilizer for your plants. A good compost bin has slots in it for air, a lockable lid to keep critters out, and anchors to hold it to the ground. Ours came with a bucket for the kitchen that has an airtight lid to keep out the fruit flies and a turning rod to occasionally stir up the compost giving it more air which speeds up the process. There is a hatch door at the bottom that locks and easily opens later for shoveling out the compost.

We put our new compost bin between our two raised vegetable garden beds and are looking forward to pulling the food out of it to feed our veggies next spring and summer.