Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bamboo, Concrete and More

The bamboo flooring has arrived and the installers have begun. We got a great deal on the 30-year warranty bamboo from Lumber Liquidators. Normal price was $2.99 per sq. ft. but because they had just purchased a large quantity from a bankrupt supplier, we were able to get it for only $2.49. What a deal! Bamboo is 20% harder than oak and 160% more stable. That means it won't shrink and expand like normal hardwood floors do as the weather changes. Bamboo is environmentally friendly because it replenishes itself within five years versus twenty to thirty years or more for trees.

The flooring installers are starting on the second floor because it is normally best to do the finishing of the interior from the top down so that the staircase gets less traffic on it once it is finished.

The electrician has also been busy installing the light fixtures including this ceiling fan in the great room. We purchased all of our ceiling fans during the winter when they were deeply discounted.

How do you like the media room paint (below)? It's called Blackberry. The darker a paint is the harder it is to get in a no VOC (volatile organic compounds) formula. This one only came in low VOC, which is acceptable for a LEED certified house.

Below you can see the electrician has been busy in the kitchen installing our Energy Star appliances and the pendant lights over the island counter.

Below, Maggie, Shelby, and Grandma (Mike's Mom) peruse the formation of the staircase from the second floor landing.

And just today, the concrete has arrived for the front porch, entrance way, and driveway.

We're still shooting for a move-in day of Earth Day which is next Wed., Apr. 22. Everybody keep chanting "Earth Day, Earth Day - Switzers' Moving-in-Day"!

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