Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Still Work to Do...

Here's the latest view from the golf course. You can see that the area below the deck has now been finished. It is enclosed with treated dog-eared fence board. We plan on staining it and the deck and railings with a natural stain and wood preservative.

Below you can see that the second pergola has now been re-assembled onto it's new location. For those of you new to the blog, the two pergolas we have were once one big pergola that was on top of the old clubhouse at Cobblestone. We were allowed to rescue it before the old clubhouse was razed. Our builder cut it into two pergolas and re-assembled them for us. The pile of bricks next to the pergola were also reclaimed and will be laid into a patio below the pergola. We just recently finished sanding and pressure-washing this pergola and are starting to re-paint it.

The other pergola is on the rooftop terrace. It will be cleaned and painted next. We just installed some solar lights on the railings on the rooftop terrace.

We also used the leftover foundation bricks to make a walkway from the deck to the pergola/patio.

We have submitted our landscape plans to the Cobblestone Homeowners Assn. and are awaiting their approval. Once we receive the go-ahead, we will be very busy planting and installing the dripline system from our underground rainwater harvesting cistern. The plants will be over 90% native and drought resistant, both prerequisites for our LEED certification.

Stay tuned!

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