Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Final Leed Inspection

Yesterday, we had our final LEED inspection. Our goal was to build a house with as limited an impact as possible (that we could afford) on the environment and yesterday's assessment was the measure of our success in that endeavor. In about a week we should have the final report from the LEED provider: Claude St. Hillaire and his company, Home Energy Group, based in Charleston. Below, Claude (second from left) is discussing the inspection with our architect, Bob Bourguignon (far left), Jennifer Bourguignon, and Tony (from Home Energy Group).

The general contractor and all the subs have to provide reports accounting for what each accomplished during the building process. Here, Claude discusses the HVAC checklist with Will Andrews from Air Design Systems.

Part of yesterday's inspection was the final blower-door test. A fan was installed at the front door to simulate a 20-mph wind blowing at the house.

The object is to test the tighness of the house, especially the doors and windows. We are happy to report that the test was a success, coming in slightly better than our target.

While the fan is operating, Claude and Tony walk around the house and check all the windows and doors for leaks.

When we receive the final report, we will post it here...stay tuned!

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