Saturday, July 31, 2010


I can't remember if I gave all the details about our exterior construction (Structural Insulated Panels - SIPS) and since someone asked recently, here is the info:

Apparently, studies have shown that determined R-Values have little correlation with how an insulating material actually performs in a non-SIP home. When taking into account factors such as cavity voids, wiring without compression, and paper facer stapled to studs, the actual R-Value decreases significantly.

SIPS homes avoid these familiar problems by distributing insulation uniformly among the entirety of the panels. Without these negative effects, actual R-Value of insulation within a SIPS panel can actually exceed its determined R-Value

Our exterior walls are 4 1/2" SIPS and the roof is 10 1/4". Here is a table from our SIPS manufacturer, Fischer SIPS:

R-Value Comparison to fiberglass:

Panel Thickness: Actual R-Value Performance Value
4 ½” R-17 R-25
6 ½” R-25 R-38
8 ¼” R-33 R-50
10 ¼” R-41 R-62
12¼” R-48 R-72

Soon, we will post our actual electric bills showing the kw/h per square foot as well.

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