Monday, July 20, 2009

The Work Continues...

We had some pieces of the old clubhouse pergola left over and so we made an arbor to serve as the entrance to the side and back of our house.

The Cobblestone Homeowners Assn. finally approved our landscape plan and so we have finally started planting. Over 90% of the plants will be native plants which will not only help towards our LEED certification but will also survive and thrive because they naturally do so in our area's climate and soil. The next several blogs will start listing the different plants.

We are also making headway on the rainwater harvesting tank irrigation system. The pump has now been hooked up to the valves that will feed the drip lines which will be used to irrigate all the plants, bushes, and trees. We should have everything planted over the next few weeks and then we can install the drip lines. We also ran a pipe to send the air conditioner condensation water to the underground rainwater collection tank.

We have also hooked up to the rainwater harvesting system a garden hose for the hanging baskets and deck planters. And as you can see, we've also been busy staining the deck and railings.

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