Friday, April 24, 2009

Celebrities Visit Switzer Home!

You may recognize these two characters. Yes, they're Ray and Joel,
the famous globetrotting tennis comedians. Now retired and living at Still Hopes Farms, they were once world renowned for their on-court antics. Ray (left) was also a world-famous "Chick Magnet"...until he met Joel, of course.

Is that the lady of the house peeking through the front door?

Now Joel and Ray travel the country side in their spare time making celebrity visits to unsuspecting "green" home owners. They heard about the green revolution and
are anxious to check it out first hand.

We were thrilled to have them visit our new green home, especially at night so we could
take this opportunity to prove to everybody with these photos that yes,
the lights really are turned on now...

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midnitemike2 said...

It looks like you have developed a fantastic "green" home. Hopefully other people will catch on to the idea of a similar home. It a great idea for future home builders and homeowners. Congratulations Switzer family. From an impressed family in Montana.