Monday, May 25, 2009

Spreading the Mulch and Laying the Rubber

We finally got the big pile of mulched construction waste in the front spread. Now we have to do the big pile in the back and then start planting native and drought resistant plants. Then, we'll hook up the pump to the underground rainwater cistern and lay the drip-lines. My brother Bill from Atlanta is visiting and was a big help spreading the mulch. That's him standing in the doorway below and his dog Sebastian in the road. Of course Shelby and Maggie helped spread the mulch, too. They also sprayed a homemade eco-friendly weed killer on the weeds before we spread the mulch. It consists mostly of vinegar with some water, salt, and liquid soap added.

With the help of Bill, Maggie, Shelby, and our son Keith, we also got most of the rubber pavers laid on the rooftop terrace. All that's left now is to cut the ones that need to go along the edges and put them in place. The pavers are made from recycled tires. We chose these particular ones not only because they had the best price ($5.50 per sq. ft.), but also because of the hexagon shape. This shape keeps the pavers locked into place without the need for any adhesive. Here is the website of the company we chose for the pavers:

Have a great week. We'll post again soon!

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