Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pergolas and Pavers

The pergola on the rooftop terrace has been going up over the past few days. If you remember, we reclaimed the large double pergola off the roof of the old clubhouse here at Cobblestone Park before it was demolished. It is now finally being reassembled at our new home.

Below shows the rooftop pergola finished. We just need to remove the side cross braces that were used to keep it stable during reassembly.

Just as the rooftop pergola was finished, almost nine thousand pounds of rubber pavers arrived (below) and you can see in the pictures above we have started laying them on the flat roof. The pavers are made from recycled rubber tires.

The holes are now being dug for the second part of the pergola which will be located just off the deck below.

Stay tuned...more to come!


DeKing said...

Pergola roofs with exposed rafters and colorbond roofing for that authentic Aussie look. Pergolas are an inexpensive way to provide shade from the sun and rain and provide you with an outdoor room in which to entertain. Adding clear sheets to the pergola roof will allow light to brighten the area and are high UV blockers.

David Rider said...

Can you please remove the comment above by DeKing. I am the owner of the website it is linking to and would like the comment removed please.
Thank you